How Invisalign Works

For a person who needs orthodontic correction, the Invisalign system is ideal. Invisalign consists of clear acrylic aligners which cover the top and bottom teeth. They’re nearly invisible which means they are unnoticeable by others. They are also much easier to deal with than metal braces.

Treatment with Invisalign consists of a patient wearing a series of these clear aligners, swapping out one aligner for the next one in the series every two weeks. Gradually, these aligners ease teeth into their optimal positions. Treatment time is typically 6 to 18 months.

Five Big Benefits of Invisalign

Because these acrylic aligners are clear, correction of misaligned teeth can be done without advertising this fact with a mouthful of wires and brackets. But the advantages of Invisalign also include:

  1. Removable for easy cleaning of your teeth and aligners.
  2. No metal wires or brackets to irritate your mouth
  3. Eat your favorite foods; just remove the aligners first.
  4. Takes no longer than conventional braces and is sometimes faster.
  5. Corrects other dental issues such as open bite, overbite and more.
  6. Love to Smile Again

With Invisalign, you’ll love to smile again—freely and with confidence. Talk to us about how Invisalign can help you.