Ideal Solution to Missing Teeth

Our patients love the permanence and functionality of dental implants as tooth replacements. Finally, there’s a way to replace a missing tooth that looks and feels just like the tooth that was lost. We are just as pleased as our patients whenever we finish an implant and send our patient off with their smiles strong and complete again.

How Implants Work

Here are the steps of a dental implant procedure:

  1. A titanium post (implant) is placed in the bone where the tooth is missing.
  2. A small cap is placed on the implant.
  3. The area is allowed to heal until the implant bonds well with the bone.
  4. The little cap is removed and a porcelain tooth (crown) is affixed to the implant.
  5. At this point, our patient has a strong, permanent replacement tooth that needs very little attention, just routine cleaning, flossing and examinations.

We use the most advanced computerized placement technology to ensure the success of every implant placement.

Implant-Supported Full and Partial Dentures

If you thought our patients with implants were happy, you should talk to patients who get implant-supported dentures. All the shifting and loosening of their dentures is over. Plus, they can eat what they want.

To anchor full or partial dentures on implants, we strategically plan the best locations to place the implants. Temporary dentures enable patients to resume everyday activities while the implants bond with bone. Then the day comes when they get their new dentures affixed to the implants. It’s possible that the first thing these patients do afterwards is run out and eat a steak, corn on the cob and caramels.